Wear and care of Circle Lens/Disposal Contact Lenses

CARING FOR YOUR CONTACT LENSES This video will guide you about handling and taking care of your disaposable contact lenses. HANDLING CONTACT LENSES Cleanliness is an important aspect of proper contact lens care and handling of your new lenses. Your hands should be clean and free of any foreign substances when you handle your lenses. […]

Disposable Soft Lenses and RGP lenses

Hi everybody, this video i’m about to explain the differences between a disposable contact lenses and RGP lenses known as gad rigid permeable lenses. If you came across any contact lenses retailer be it online or offline state their soft contact lenses product can last for a year lifespan, do not believe in this, it’s […]

Soft Contact Lenses Colour vs RGP Lenses

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We always recommended soft contact lenses over RGP lenses simply because these advantages are worth noting, and comfort is very important, except for extreme high disoptre users which can’t be corrected with soft contact lenses. In Medusaland, we provide you with right information and advices which your eye healthy is our priority. We recommend you […]

Can Colour Contact Lenses Prolong Wearing For More Than A Year?

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Many Contact Lenses distributor/reseller will tell you their contact lenses will last at least 1 year of continuous wearing to makes you feel their product is worthwhile, this is absolutely not true, no colour contact lens will last you 1 year because of hygienic practise we should not advise anyone to use their colour contact […]