About Us



“Customer retention is what drives us. The real value in this business is the reputation we build. Contact lenses are just the product we deliver. What we really sell is service”


Our contact lens selection includes premium name brands so that you can find the exact brand prescribed by your eye care professional. With our super competitive low price, we promise that you will never pay more. We offer simple ordering by phone, Internet, mail along with customer service agents ready to provide help 7 days a week.


MedusaLand is dedicated to providing you with a simple, hassle-free way to replace your contact lenses. At MedusaLand, you will receive the exact same contact lenses your doctor prescribed, delivered to your door, at a great price, we are more likely to have your prescription in stock, which means you’ll receive your contacts fast.


** Authenticity Guarantee ** All of the products we sell is guaranteed to be authentic. When you buy from MedusaLand, you know that you are buying authentic products. All of our products are 100% authentic quality goods and are sourced directly from manufacturers. We encourage any customer who has doubts about the authenticity of products on the Internet from any website, to send an e-mail directly to the manufacturer of the products for verification. We have ‘the real deal’ or money back guarantee.