Disposable Soft Lenses and RGP lenses

Hi everybody, this video i’m about to explain the differences between a disposable contact lenses and RGP lenses known as gad rigid permeable lenses. If you came across any contact lenses retailer be it online or offline state their soft contact lenses product can last for a year lifespan, do not believe in this, it’s a hoax to deceiving the consumer feel worthy about their product. No soft lenses are made to last for a year, here’s the reason why it’s not practical to wear a pair of soft lenses for a year. What is soft lenses made of? -Soft lenses also call circle lenses are made out of soft material, so it’s really comfort and feel virtually like nothing attach on your eyes, it is very resilient, it can fit virtually on any individual’s eyes without needing to measure and order specific curvature for each individual. +RGP lenses are made of hard material, so it’s not flexible, in order to fit RGP lenses you’re required to visit eye specialist and consult an optometrist to properly test and measure the curvature of your cornea in order to fit properly the RGP lenses. -Soft lenses material properties allow very high oxygen and liquid to pass through, so we can wear it for longer time without irritating and it tends to able to keep it’s wet for long period. +RGP lenses hard material does not allow oxygen and liquid to pass through so it is not advisible to wear for long time because our cornea needs oxygen and tears to stay healthy. -Soft lenses available in many different type of texture and colours, it often be used for cosplay and fashion, it can change our looks be it scary spooky or attractive. +RGP lenses only comes in plain because it has a very small diameter size and does not cover the iris entirely. Some people are still wearing RGP lenses today because it has higher power(dioptre) limitation, It’s specifically made for people who are extremely high myopic or astigmatism to correct their visual. +RGP lenses are made of hard solid material, it can’t attach protein, bacteria or any harmful substances, which made it very safe to wear. –Soft lenses soft material are highly permeable to allow tears and oxygen to pass through, it can attach substances like protein from our tears, bacteria or any substances, so it require special care from users. –Soft lenses are made disposable period of daily, monthly, 3 month disposable, or 6 month disposable. +RGP lenses are made to last permanently untill the changed of prescription.

-Soft lenses

– More comfort for the eyes – Can wear for longer period – Available in colours and types of texture – Dioptre limitation –  Require special care

+RGP lenses

– Made of hard material, it’s not as comfortable. – Cannot wear for long period as inadequate of oxygen supply to the cornea. – Only available in plain. – For those who seek to correct their high myopic and astigmatism – require special care – Require little care These are the differences between a soft lenses and RGP lenses (rigid gas pemeable lenses) and remember do not extend wearing the softlens for saving and risk your eyes. it’s not worthy. If you have any questions you can leave it in the comment section or email us “medusaland@gmail.com”. Thank you!!

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