Can Colour Contact Lenses Prolong Wearing For More Than A Year?

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Many Contact Lenses distributor/reseller will tell you their contact lenses will last at least 1 year of continuous wearing to makes you feel their product is worthwhile, this is absolutely not true, no colour contact lens will last you 1 year because of hygienic practise we should not advise anyone to use their colour contact lenses for more than a year. Effect and health risk of prolonged contact lens use -High amount of protein deposit accumulate from prolonged use can cause cloudy and blurry vision -Prolonged usage also mean greater risk of bacterial infections and can potentially cause keratitis and giant papillary conjunctivitis. *Keratitis is a condition in which the cornea, the front part of the eye, becomes inflamed. It is often marked by moderate to intense pain and usually involves any of the following symptoms: pain, impaired eyesight, photophobia, red eye and a ‘gritty’ sensation. *Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC) is caused by a repeated occurrence of bacteria due to a buildup on your lenses over time. The eyelid becomes infected and many large bumps that irritate the cornea appear. This results to itch, irritation and redness.Foreign body sensation may also be felt like bumps are just scratching and damaging your eyes. -Material will deteriorate and become less permeable mean lack of oxygen that reaches the cornea cause corneal swelling may result extreme eye pain. Rest assured contact lenses label the period as it is legitimately passed and tested by reputable manufacterer with approval from FDA, CE, ISO and legal recognition by many countries.

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